Proposal Photographer – St. Pete, Clearwater & Greater Tampa Bay

Are you looking for a proposal photographer in St. Pete, Clearwater, or Tampa? You found us!!!!!!!

We know this is a huge moment for you. Kyle and I have created magic together for so many couples. Our most popular proposal sessions are for sunset on St. Pete and Clearwater Beach. The natural vibe of the water, wind, and sand put our future grooms at ease. The beach gives an unforgettable romantic backdrop that makes magic when that sun hits the horizon. It’s like a release, a big deep breath after our clients have spent so much time stressing over planning the proposal. The future bride has the wind in her hair with wave splashing at her feet. You will also get an audience to celebrate with at most of our beach locations. Beach goers love to experience a proposal – clapping and celebrating.

We offer our popular beach proposal sessions around the timing of sunset which changes through the seasons. Spring and fall are magical – very easy to plan and get beautiful images. Fall is common for proposals because people want to be engaged for the holiday season coming up to celebrate with family. Summer gives beautiful dramatic clouds when the light is right. At the same time the weather conditions that make these gorgeous sunset clouds can cause your proposal to be moved to another day due to summer weather storms. Summer is also our most popular season for all of our beach sessions because it’s the time when people like to travel to St. Pete Beach, Clearwater Beach / Greater Tampa Bay Area. We often create a back up day for our sessions in the summer, especially our proposals. Winter months have very early sunset, can be cold, and have less people on the beach. From the middle of November to the middle of December we are very busy with large holiday events on Friday and Saturday that are booked far in advance. Don’t worry though – if it has to be Friday or Saturday at this time, we can work with you to find a day between the two of us! That’s the convenience of your photographers being a local couple. You might get both of us, even if it’s not part of your package. These are fun romantic dates for us.

Whether it’s me as your photographer, Kyle Fleming, or the both of us – we know how to keep this on the down low from her as we progress toward your date. We also know how to hide on the beach. This is high energy challenging work for us that we enjoy so much! It bring us so much joy to make these magical moments in people’s lives. When we are on the beach waiting for you and your future fiancé to arrive, we are getting super pumped!

Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want to do. We help you figure it out. Keep it simple with a basic photography session that always includes your proposal moment and a portrait session as the sun goes down – OR – we also offer additional options to create an extra special romantic experience for both of you.

Additional services we offer: a picnic set-up, an arbor, a dozen (or two!) handmade flat pack roses, charcuterie board, chocolate covered strawberries, vase of roses, and / or champagne.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to book!