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Photographing art can be very challenging for artists. Professional artists are not satisfied with cell phone images and do not own powerful camera and lighting equipment or have the time to research how to take the images and practice. That’s where I come in. I often go to my artist’s studios and exhibitions with my gear taking a load off of them to transport the art.

I’ve worked for many artists in Tampa Bay over the years. I have photographed exhibitions, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and lots of art events. Painters in particular use my images not just for marketing but they are printing the images in all sorts of media from giclée reproduction prints to more merch like products like stickers, bathing suits and towels. My digital photographs are quite large. I have even used special techniques for clients asking for super large images of their paintings.

Artists need quality images for submitting to shows, festivals, and to market and sell their art online. Art can be overlooked without good images. The better the images, the more professional the art feels. Galleries and curators want the ability to use professional images given to them by the artist.

Beate Marston
Richard Seidel
Eva Avenue
Debra Steidel
Carmen Cadena
Jan Richardson
Nathan Beard
Jack Bond
Brook Lyn
David Erdman
Diana Hirschhorn


Art Parties

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