Photobooth is a premium service we offer for events. A photobooth documents guests of an event while offering entertainment, and can also be a print photo gift to remember the night. Photobooths really spice up a party! Guests enjoy the images of their formal attire for the night and they enjoy having some fun images taken with their friends, family and / or colleagues.

Our photobooth is open air portable. The basic setup is lights, camera, and a backdrop. Additional features are a prop table, red carpet, a tablet for on site sharing of images, and a printing station. The printer offers 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and traditional 2 x 6 photo strip prints on site for your guests to take home as a gift or memento. The photobooth can be themed to your party with props or we can collaborate with you on the background. The photobooth does require some space. It can be indoor or outdoors – weather permitting. Photobooth is often paired with additional service of roaming event photographer(s) depending on the size and scope of the event project. Images are uploaded to a convenient platform with the ability to share a link with guests so that our clients don’t have to distribute images. We are known for fast delivery of images!

This is a super fun service that our clients love and is unique to the Tampa Bay area. We are professional photographers bringing studio lighting to your event – rather than a worker that is not a photographer and not the owner of the company there to set up a device that takes low quality images. There is good reason why our images look so professional.

There are very few photographers that can match our photobooth service in St. Pete, Clearwater, Tampa, Sarasota or Bradenton. We are open to traveling outside of our local area: Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee counties. Don’t be afraid to ask!

If you are considering us for Holiday, don’t wait to book. Our calendar fills up fast for the last 6 weeks of the year.

Please CONTACT Kyle Fleming for pricing ~

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Here you see an indoor photobooth at a family owned business’s holiday party with all the additional features including on site prints that are inserted into a folder and given to guests as a gift.

Winthrop Dance – Tampa

The cutest darn dance I’ve ever seen! Look at these kid’s pictures, wow. These are studio quality images that we printed on site and inserted into a custom printed folder provided by the event. The backdrop was created my the PTA group that organized the event. We collaborated with them and picked up the blue velvet bench.

Quiet Professionals Holiday Party –

This was a challenging booth. When we arrived there were 5 holiday trees in front of the parking garage and the expressway. We rocked it using everything available to us that night. Lucky for us we had our rug and backdrop (were not part of the contract) to make this event shine. We printed images for the event’s custom printed frames.

MUSE Event – St. Pete Arts Alliance

Here is an award art party photobooth for MUSE at Museum of Fine Art in St. Petersburg where we collaborated with the St. Pete Arts Alliance and the artists of Spathose to create a unique one of a kind interactive setting. This service was paired with roaming event photographer and award ceremony portraits.

EFX Corp Holiday Party

Here you see 2 photobooths for a red carpet corporate holiday party. The fun sparkle backdrop with props is in the corner. This client requested a second setup with their corporate logo back drop with red carpet for entry of guests and awards ceremony. The two photobooths were paired with roaming event photography.

Kids Pottery Barn Hyde Park – Holiday Charity Fundraiser

Here you see a simplified photobooth we created for a holiday charity fundraiser event at Pottery Barn Kids with a limited space and budget. No big lights, no props, no red carpet, just making beautiful images for families to raise money for a non-profit to benefit children. So cute!