Portraits & Headshots

‘Headshots’ are more business or corporate style images for marketing, branding and team building purposes. Headshot images are used for large company, small business or career websites. Your clients, customers or potential employers want to see your face! Customers want to know the people behind a business they support. Companies want to celebrate the successes of their team members. We also work large corporate events like conventions that include headshots for guests. We want clear, clean and focused on you and your team with a neutral backdrop or lifestyle background. You can count on us to put you and your team members or guests at ease to get the best expression – even your team members that don’t want their picture taken!

We currently have black, white, gray abstract, light blue abstract, and gray flat back drops with studio lighting that comes to you. If you’re looking for a more creative or lifestyle look we can use an ‘environmental’ backdrop. For example a window with a beautiful view as a backdrop, or the workplace behind our subject. We tether a laptop to present the images as they are made.

‘Portraits’ are more of a lifestyle natural look. I photograph my clients out in their chosen environment whether it be a cityscape, beach, park, home or at your event. Most of our services are going to include some kind of portraits during our session. Our portraits are those pictures that you print and frame to display proudly in your home. You and your family will remember these images forever.


Actor Dancer Comp Card


Album Cover Photographer Tampa Bay
Portrait in Recording Studio for Cristina Caro Caruso Album Cover