About Me

Hello, my name is Xina Scuderi ~

Thank you for visiting my website!

I am a photographer based in St. Petersburg (Tampa Bay), Florida. I am a St. Petersburg native. I started photographing events in St. Pete in 2012. My business as a photographer grew from there.

My style is ‘vibrant & happy’. I don’t work in ‘dark and moody’ or ‘cinematic’ style. I might be a little ‘bright and airy’ sometimes but that is generally not my style. I will always have some natural light images – no I am not a ‘natural light girl’. I use OCF or ‘off camera flash’ – a special light. The light technique I use is especially effective in exposing colorful sunsets, for darker skin tones, a glamour look, and indoor events.

I offer a wide range of commercial services. My most popular services are event photography and sunset beach sessions. I gave myself the title ‘photobooth queen’ because I am just so darn good at it. I’ve produced over 20k photobooth images. My beach sessions picked up in 2022 as I became more skilled in exposing sunsets: proposals, maternity, family, couples and solo.

I have captured small intimate events all the way to city wide events with over 100k guests.

If you are looking for a price please contact me with the date, time, location, and service details.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Xina Scuderi Photography is in partnership with Kyle Fleming Photography. We are a team that works solo projects, often together on projects, refer each other for specific categories, and fill each others booking requests if we are unavailable.

We met in 2012 and have been official since 2014. We got married in October 2023 in NYC. We love to hike, exercise, travel and make pretty pictures.

We would love to be your photographers!