How to Thank Your Photographer

Anything involving cash or buying additional features is an obvious way to thank your photographer. Cash$$$ is always a way to become a priority, a favorite customer, maybe get things for free, get your edits pushed ahead of other shoots in your photog’s que.

Let’s talk about how to potentially get the same effect of getting items or features added to your package for free, getting finished ahead of time, being prioritized like your’e VIP. If I know you are one of my best clients I am going to roll out the red carpet for you and all the people you introduce me to.


#1 Reviews

This is so important to any small business. When you’re small, you need reviews to be seen. By giving your photographer or any self-employed person a review you are thanking them in a huge way without it costing you any additional money. As a photography business it’s great when I get a review with thoughtful comments on the little things, and when my clients add a picture.


I want my clients to share what they love about my work in their review! I love the color, the way she uses a light, the way she coordinated the best place to shoot and what time, how she communicated with me from start to finish, how she retouched all the distractions out of my images: the people in the background, my fine lines, dark spots, tan lines, wrinkles in my clothing. She delivered super fast! I love the price, love my gallery and the way it functions. I love how she surprised us with sparkling cider and flutes. I love how she has a wagon for our stuff, and a blanket for us to sit on. I love that she came to my stay and I didn’t have to go anywhere. Xina was funny, made us smile. We are not comfortable taking pictures but she helped us make really pretty ones. I love that she rescheduled with me because of weather or a change in my schedule. I love that she quickly responded to my email, that she provided W9 and / or COI quickly. I love how they bring studio lighting and can print photos for my guests in 8 seconds. These are all the elements that I work so hard on to create an excellent experience for my clients.

#2 Posting pictures and tagging the business

Share your pictures on social media and say who did it for you! It’s almost like a review – or better if you are local to your photogs area, and have a friends who might need a photographer.

Xina Scuderi Photography on Facebook

@xina_photo on Instagram

(#2.1 Liking or following the business^^^)

#3 Referrals

Notice someone that needs a photographer? This is another way to really show out and show off how good of a client, person and small business supporter you are. If you too own a business this might be a 2 way street where your photographer can also bring business to you in return.

#4 Booking your photographer again – or support any small business again

Become a regular customer even if that means once a year or every few years. If you really liked your photographer, save their number or make some kind of note to remember them next time. A good way to keep in touch is to like and/or follow their business on social media. They’d love to hear from you again!

Thank you for reading! Thank you for having us as your photographers!

<3 Xina & Kyle