What To Wear To Your Beach Session

Beach sessions have become my most popular session. My clients often ask what to wear. Great question!

Your attire depends on your purpose, your group. It’s about you and your guests on the beach with beautiful sand, water, sky. These sessions are all about your natural beauty and personality in a beautiful beach lifestyle environment. I am there as the photographer and will take the images in whatever you are wearing. Let’s cover basics and some tips:

  1. Shoes: Wear shoes you can take off easily and / or get wet. I occasionally get men wearing very nice sneakers. That is fine. It does look nice. It’s your look. They’re going to get sandy. You will probably want to take them off. Beware: there are sand spurs made by our beloved sea oats that we shoot with in the dunes. You will want shoes in those areas. Sand spurs are craziest in late summer.
  2. Don’t be too casual. I would not recommend a graphic t-shirt here. These are high quality images you will be looking at for the rest of your life remembering this time.
  3. Pants and dresses: You will probably be getting at least your feet in which will get the bottom of your pants or long dresses wet. Long pants and dresses give a more formal, high end, less casual feel.
  4. Maternity: long flowy dresses in the wind and water make you look like a queen! A goddess!
  5. Satins, sheers, long flowing dresses! For the ladies – those satin pieces pop with my lighting! For that dreamy feel those sheer dresses are always a wow. Again, long dresses will get wet at the bottom but they take it to another level flowing with the wind and water.
  6. Family groups: Mixing a lot of big bold prints can get kinda funky. Usually you see families stay in the light colors with khakis. It’s very Florida lifestyle.
  7. Solos! If you are getting a solo session – be you and be your purpose. It might be for dating apps, or social media, which is often a more ‘appealing’ look. Or it could be a gift or an image for your home. You do YOU! If your purpose is look hott, think about being in a swimsuit in the sand and water and let’s do it! Bring something to throw on top of the suit too.
  8. Changing clothes: If you’re planning on changing clothes let’s think about how to do it quickly on the beach without having to spend time going to the restroom or car. No one is really paying attention to anyone. It’s not a big deal to change under a robe, towel, sheet, or whatever. Or plan the second outfit to be added over the first outfit. Maybe undergarments look like a swimsuit, work out or athletic clothes, or it IS a swim suit. Less time shooting = less images.
  9. Getting in!!!!!!!!! Do you want to get in?! If you want to get a little further in the water please let me know. I am so down!






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