Barbie Dreamhouse Photoshoot In St. Pete @ Don Cesar & Vinoy

I received a message from Aleah. She wanted to hire me for a Barbie dreamhouse inspired photoshoot. Here in St. Pete and St. Pete Beach we have 2 luxury resorts that are PINK – The Don Cesar and the Vinoy. Aleah wanted to be photographed at both of these beautiful historical locations that are right here in Tampa Bay. Barbie Dreamhouse!? Omg! Someone contacting me with a strong creative theme and totally gorgeous – sunset beach photography session too. She found the right photographer.

Now, it’s not really recommended to try to have sessions at luxury resorts like the Don Cesar and the Vinoy. You have to be mindful, so respectful, good timing and have a little luck at these resorts. You might get kicked out. You cannot impede on their paying customers. Resorts do not own the beach in front of them so they can’t kick you off the beach. I avoided busy times. The Don Cesar does a great job keeping people out purely based on their $30 parking and no public access parking anywhere near the resort. Aleah happily agreed to pay my parking fee.

Aleah was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever photographed. Would you be surprised that people are rude to such a beautiful kind soul? People commented, people gave dirty looks, people assumed I was paying her. Men stopped and stared, asked us questions. People assumed she was using these images for ‘adult’ work even though our shots were more cute – than sexy. It’s really no ones business (and why would they care, right) what is the purpose of these images. The reactions were a response to how pretty she was – the blonde hair, the wardrobe, that body. We didn’t care. We FED on it. Some people were extra nice to us because she is so pretty. We enjoyed that too.

She LOVED her images and so did I! So much fun! I never played with Barbies much when I was a little girl. My neighbors played with Barbies and they never wanted to play with me in my dad’s shop in our garage. I wanted to play with my dad’s power saws. Or I wanted to make art. This was awesome for me. I was an adult playing with a living Barbie at the ultimate Barbie Dreamhouses. She played the Barbie part. All the Barbies out there – CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or anyone looking for a photoshoot in St. Pete Beach at the Don Cesar, or The Vinoy – CALL ME!

Aleah @ The Don Cesar

We lucked out with the most beautiful sunset that night for our photoshoot at The Don Cesar on St. Pete Beach. I produced over 150 images of Aleah. There’s a lot here – SORRY NOT SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! She wanted Malibu Beach Barbie. That’s what we did.

Aleah @ The Vinoy Resort

Aleah wanted to be on skates for her photoshoot at The Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay. I made no promises and said we will have to go with the flow, skope The Vinoy Resort out when we got there. There is no way for me to know if there is a wedding, or if someone might be bothered by our photoshoot. Aleah also doesn’t skate. They were merely a creative prop for the Barbie theme. It all worked out. We continued our photoshoot at The Museum of Fine Art, The St. Pete Pier, and a mural around Vinoy Park.